Why go to Hedonism II?

Hedonism II

Q: Why go to Hedonism II?

A: You know that feeling you get when the cold air first hits your skin and it momentarily kidnaps the next breath in your chest? You know that rush of adrenaline you can feel pulsing through your veins right before the tracks on a roller coaster drop out from under you bringing you hurtling towards the ground making you think you were flying? Do you remember that tight little ball of nervous energy that pounded with every beat of your heart each time your eyes fell on the face of your first crush? That is Hedonism. It’s a million different things to a hundred thousand different people but the feeling that it evokes is exactly the same. It’s excitement. It’s nostalgia. It’s unbridled joy. It’s doing something you know you shouldn’t and getting away with each and every time. It’s not a place you go, it’s a place that comes to you…no matter where you live. It’s a smile you didn’t know you were doing until your face started hurting. It’s making sacrifices and going without so that you can cut all the corners and get yourself there faster. It’s anything and everything you need it to be without being anything at all. It does nothing but sit there and wait for you to return.

It’s been there for 35 years and while people will claim it’s ever changing and evolving, it’s actually stayed exactly the same. The only thing that is and has been altered is us. Every year we learn something new, we try something different and we look at it with older, wiser and braver eyes. The best part about Hedo is that if you blink, you’ll miss it and yet you keep going back hoping to capture that tiny glimpse of heaven before your eyes flutter shut.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does allot you the opportunity to see if it really exists. And for some…Hedo IS happy. Isn’t that alone worth the price of an airline ticket?

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