What Got You into Swinging?

If you asked us that questions many years ago when we were newbies (new to the world of swinging), we would have said we were searching for sexual adventure, new experiences and butterflies. Lots and lots of butterflies. At the time we were enjoying a healthy and fairly intense sexual relationship as a couple so we didn’t need extra spark or spice, we just wanted to share our dirty nasty sex and our freaky sides with other people and hopefully, get off on the whole experience. I think of it as being an adrenaline junkie without having to face our actual fear of heights or wake up early for adventures. It was and still is a great rush to meet a sexy couple and explore some new or just exciting things together.

Today, we are swingers because we feel like swingers are, “our people”. Swingers tend to be easy going, open minded and fun party people. Swingers are just as diverse as the people you will at your local mall. When we go to swing parties, we just have a good time even if we don’t, “hook up” or the DJ sucks. We have met some great people in the years we have both partied and traveled in the lifestyle. These are people that we definitely would have never had the occasion to meet if not for being party and naked vacation sluts. So for us, now, its social, its community, and its still a huge turn on and a great way to explore our sexual fantasies and be freaky sluts together.


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