Travel Tip Tuesday


DIF is setting in and this is the perfect time to talk about upcoming travel groups to Hedonism II. Fall is a great time to visit Hedo because of low rates, back to school stress and the undeniable urge to party naked with amazing people. Check out these dates and stop daydreaming about it. We spoiled ourselves with two trips to Hedo already this year so we won’t likely get home again ourselves until 2016. Unless one of our friends will let us hide in their suitcase we just have to live vicariously through our friends attending these events below. Treat yourself to something Shameless and book your own week or more.

October 3rd – October 10th
Our friends at Wild Women vacations always put together some fun and sexy events. Two groups in one is bound to kick it up a notch.

October 24 – November 02 2015
The Fluffs know how to party and Halloween is an amazing time to be at Hedonism. The resort kicks it up several notches for the anniversay and the guests go crazy for Halloween and special theme nights. Castaways Travels and Tom’s trips will also be in the house for the anniversary on November 1st. This week is on our personal bucket list for next year.

November 7 – November 14th 2015
There are at least six different groups at Hedo this week. Any time there are multiple groups in the house, expect a Hedo party. If we were traveling in November we would definitely put this on our list because of all the possibilities with so many groups represented.

For a complete list of events and groups check out the Hedonism II Events page.

Happy Tuesday Bitches!

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