The Decision Was Easy

Where should we go on vacation? LOL. Hedo of course. This year its a clear choice. It has been over a year since we’ve been and we had to cancel our last trip. Future vactions will find us visiting new adults only vacation destinations but first we need some Hedo time. But when and with what group if any? Well, a group trip was a definite. We will not likely head to hedo without some sort of group affiliation, either our own or one we have chosen. How do we decide which group?

We have traveled with a handful of groups already. We tend to do lots of research because daydreaming about vacations isn’t terrible. Sometimes we travel with the same group and sometimes we change things up because meeting new and different people is a big part of why we like to visit Hedonism II. We prefer lively and sexy Hedo groups. Who wouldn’t? We do enjoy a relaxing day on the beach but also want a group that can party at the pool or dance late night in the disco. Some energy and enthusiasm is important. We also like groups that are welcoming and open to new members. We definitely like to find groups full of people we want to fuck. To recap we like sexy people, good energy and a welcoming vibe. There are a lot of Hedo groups that qualify.

Hedo Events OctoberWe have traveled with the Fluffernutters and Wild Women Vacations and in past years and will travel with both of them again.
We will be back in April 2017 with the Pussycats and Wild Women. Michele was just saying tonight that all the upcoming people for the July Fluff takeover are hot and she is sad we can’t be there. She is sad we can’t be there about 51 weeks a year.  We were just lamenting tonight how we might not be able to experience a Fluff July or February takeover for another year or two because those dates just don’t work for us right now.

We picked the Southern Vibrations group for our next much needed and long anticipated trip. We will be home again October 1-8th and couldn’t be more excited to have a countdown and a sexy groups of new friends to party with. We checked today and there are about 6 groups at Hedo that week including SLS Exchange and The Hedo Amigos another Wild Women group. Our week back home will the second week of a two week annual Hedo Amigo throw down. We already know and respect the SLS Exchange crew since they used to run the best events in our area before going National. SLS Exchange has some awesome stuff coming up including Vegas Exchange 2016 and events they are planning for Exxxotica so check out

For us, partying with Southern Vibrations was a long time coming. In January of 2015 we were at Hedo for a week during lifestyle month. That was an amazing trip. Ask us about it. During that trip we briefly met a very cute couple who coincidentally were visiting the resort on a day pass from one of the less fun hotels across the street. They were from Tennessee. While speaking with them and adoring their southern accents, they told us about friends of theirs who come to Hedo with a group called the Hedo Vibe. We looked into it because that’s the kind of research whores we are and found they were a sexy southern group affiliated with a swing club called Club Vibe. We added them to our short list of future groups. Ask us about this list sometime. We are excited that fate made this trip happen for us.

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But whose counting right? Long story short, we found our next group and we couldn’t be happier about returning home. At least Michele finally has something to talk about. She was running out of topics.12240265_10153752979222302_2188431236567105223_o

We have yet to see a large number of the new renovations so we are excited for many reasons about our upcoming October trip. We are always happy to chat with new friends about when to go to Hedonism II. Michele ought to get paid as an affiliate since we have encouraged a large number of new visitors to the place we love so much. We’re the Hedo whisperers.


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  1. Ann TheTravelSlut

    Yet another great post about Hedo and the excitement it produces in the planning, in being there and long after the trip with the memories Hedo creates.

    Having just returned from my 12th trip, I am just as much “home” at Hedo as I am in my real home. 100+ days in paradise only tend to create more fun in the sun and delights at night.

    Here’s wishing you a fantastic upcoming new trip and hope that one day we will meet at Hedo—and I’ll buy your drinks!

    Safe travels to you….


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