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Podcast Episode 2: Sex Toys

Shameless Adventures podcast

Our second podcast where Michele unloads her sex toy research, we review biblical butt plugs and other sex toys, being naked at Hedonism somehow comes up and Chris is blah on the Ashley Madison saga.        

Podcast Episode 1: Anal August

Shameless Adventures podcast

New podcast where Chris and Michele talk about why August is Michele’s favorite month (Anal August), Hedonism II, if Michele will swing after Chris is dead and bad kissers.         [advanced_iframe securitykey=”666ecdebdb81b0c4e7abde321619cff7569b410a” src=”https://chaturbate.com/affiliates/in/dTm0/81MXE/?track=embed&bgcolor=white&disable_sound=1&embed_video_only=1&target=_parent’ height=400 width=600 style=’border: none;”]