Self Discovery 101

Do you want to know the best part about being naked?

If you’re anything like me, the immediate answer may very well be, “nothing”. There’s nothing BEST about stripping yourself bare, or removing your shield and your armor and just standing there exposed and wearing nothing but the skin you were born in. Mostly because the skin we were born with comes with all these labels. And I don’t mean those little annoying tags that scratch your neck or collar. I’m talking about the ones that are there but that no one else but you can see. The ones that spell out each and every one of our imperfections and loudly announce our struggles.

For most, we were all born pure and unblemished. Our skin was tight, smooth and healthy. And then days turned to years and life started to creep across every single one of our pores leaving trace evidence that it happened. And so with every crease, ripple, scar and extra pound we have acquired, we have learned to hide rather than embrace. We put on layer after layer of self doubt, insecurity, fear and self loathing. Because, after all, we can’t hate what we can’t see. So, we cover. And cover. And cover. We dim the lights. We manipulate our bodies so that it’s deemed acceptable to anyone brave enough to want to look. We start to prefer the dark because we feel disguised and safe.

And we do this for what feels like forever. We are trained that naked is dirty and less is NOT more but that MORE is MORE. And for those unlucky enough to never find that point of enlightenment (aka a happy place) they go on living this way…maybe even for the rest of their lives. And heartbreakingly enough, had it not been for Hedonism II – and the people that visit there – I might never know any other way to live but this way. You see, Hedonism isn’t just a place, it’s an experience. It’s Self Discovery 101. Only they fail to mention any of this when you book your reservation. It’s just something you need to FEEL rather than expect to have happen. All those life lessons we were taught growing up about the tricks of the trade to hide who we are what we have been through, all seem elementary in theory once you get off the shuttle in front of the resort because as soon as you get there, that’s when the real education happens.
You start to see things you were taught to fear and turn away from your whole life. And instead, you begin to UNlearn how to deal with them. You discover that scars, wounds, disabilities and imperfections DO NOT define you.

You’re more than your lumpy, uneven skin or your jagged scars.
You’re not your age or your size or your shape or your weight.
You’re more than your skin color, religious preference, or ethnicity.
You’re more than the sum of ALL your parts.
All you truly are is the light that comes from your soul shining brightly from your eyes for everyone to see.
You’re just you. Except better. Better, stronger and safely surrounded by a sea of other magnificent souls reflecting back to you the dazzling illumination they too, were taught to smother.
And to me, there is nothing in my life that I have experienced that is more beautiful.

So, get your paper, pencils and backpacks because school is in session the minute you arrive and take that first step inside. Once you let go, once you FINALLY step out from that internal shroud you’ve been wearing all of these years. You will discover that there is a best part to being naked and it’s that you finally get to see the real you. You get to stop lying. You can stop hiding and start smiling and living and finally SHINING.

Hedonism is better than any power company because it chased away the darkness I was brought up believing I needed to live in and brought the light back into my life.
Don’t wait another minute. Enroll today.

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