Living Shameless Episode 1 – How much to fart in a ziploc and mail it to me?


Welcome to Shameless Living, the first of many videos from your favorite slutty swinger assholes. If you aren’t already a familiar with us, check out our blog and podcast about open relationships and adult travel over at Happy New Year! Some folks that listen to our podcast might not know just how funny looking we really are. This video fixes that. Michele is wearing a wig while she tries to grow out her hair. Looks good right?

We quickly talk about the holidays that are happily behind us and the disappointing Christmas swinger party we attended which was a disappointment due to low turn out. Shit happens, right? We discuss what to do when a swinger party is a disappointment. How do you still get a blowjobs when the party sucks? We cover some great advice including how to have realistic expectations. Desperation doesn’t smell sexy folks. We know from first hand experience. We take a few moments to shave you into updating your profiles on your swinger dating sites. Come on, those pictures are of your ex wife they are so old. Success get involved with your profile. He is posting the quest pictures of you when you aren’t looking.

We Segway into talk of travel and or new Facebook group dedicated to travel advice for open minded adults. To request an invite to our Facebook group, just email at or search for Shameless Adventures under Facebook groups. We come clean about not always liking each other and the reality of not always getting along with your partner. There’s no shame in being honest that people argue or about each other sometimes. Plus make up sex can be amazing. Sex is always really good after spending the night in your car. Swingers aren’t immune to relationship trouble. At least we aren’t. Swinginging is definitely not a fix for relationship problems. It’s far more likely to cause issues than solve them.

We wrap up taking about Michele’s work as a full-time webcam performer. She recently celebrated her one year anniversary as a camgirl. Check out to find the links to her cam room and work social media.
While being a can performer is not fit everyone, it has been an empowering and positive experience for her. Michele would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the industry. We wrap this up with some talk about our next trip back home to Hedonism II in Jamaica for April 2017.

To reach us, head over to or Tell us what have been up to, ask us any lifestyle or travel questions or just share some ideas for our next podcast and video. Until next time, Live Shameless, bitches!

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