How Do You Swing?

Girls Kissing

How do we Swing? We are soft swap junkies looking for friends we can fuck. We are emotionally monogamous swingers. We don’t seek emotional relationships outside our current relationship. We have a select few rules when we swing aside from staying connected and communicating. We are open to full swap but only when there is chemistry. We enjoy the flirting, physical contact, kissing and the NREs that comes with swinging. We don’t spend a lot of time these days trying to hookup outside of our planned party weekends. We try to attend lifestyle events monthly, if possible. 

We tend to hook up virally. We rarely fuck the same people twice. We don’t pursue sex with couples or singles without some chemistry. We have tons of friends we’ve made in the lifestyle and that part is more important to us than sex but we definitely like fucking too!

We aren’t bored with this setup so we haven’t adjusted it very much over the years. We expect things could evolve and change naturally over time and we look forward to new ways to tweak what already works well for us. We meet people with various approaches to swinging or the adult lifestyle. Swingers have different preferences, comfort levels and desires. There is no correct way to be a Swinger. How do You Swing?

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