Home Sick

I woke up this morning with an ache in my belly so strong I originally thought I was coming down with something. And while I’ve concluded that I am in fact NOT SICK, I definitely feel like I have a case of the “somethings”.
When I first heard the word DIF, I thought it was just something silly drunk people felt after imbibing in bottomless booze and naked hijinks for a week.
Now, I know it’s so much more to that and I don’t know if my mere words could ever describe it properly.
It’s more than just a hotel. It’s the smell of redemption and second chances floating on a cloud of sea salt and sunscreen.
It’s more than just a resort. It’s the sound of the purest form of laughter bubbling up through the smiling lips of someone who once thought they would never find their happy again.
It’s more than just a vacation spot. It’s the healing warmth of the sun slipping into your pores and reviving every broken hope, dream and insecurity from the inside out.
It’s more than just a “trip”. It’s a journey INTO yourself so that you may FIND yourself.
It’s not just a stretch of sandy beach. It’s a magical island where you can rejuvenate, refresh and reset the course of where you are going based solely on where you are right that very second.
It reroutes and redirects without speaking one single solitary word.
It just lets you know what you need to know about yourself in the moment, and what you choose to do with that information is entirely up to you.
It’s like pouring your heart out to a friend and having them wrap their arms around you right when you needed that hug the most.
It’s a homecoming. It’s open arms welcoming you back into your own life and not only reminding you of your infinite wealth, but convincing you it was there the entire time.
So, ya see…It’s more than just DIF. It’s a homing device that the resort hugged and laughed and danced and sang into your heart when you weren’t looking.
It’s your inner navigation system, reminding you in it’s own subtle way that even though you have to leave eventually and go to where you LIVE, as long as that resort stays standing…you will always have a HOME.
And I miss my house.
I miss it with my whole heart.

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