Are People Having Sex Everywhere at Hedonism II?

Hedonism II

Q: Are People Having Sex Everywhere?

A: Yes, there’s plenty of sex at Hedonism II.There’s no denying it. There’s a special sexual electricity in the air.  Visitors to Hedo are typically open-minded, they talk about sex, they act frisky and sometimes they have sex on a beach chair, on the side of the hot tub or in one of the various sun beds around the resort. Unless it’s a debaucherous takeover or after dark, the resort tends to discourage sex in plain sight.

A small percentage just like to have sex in public so you will see them fuck by the pool or on the various sun beds located around the resort. Sex in a sun bed is a likely sighting, especially during the lazy parts of the afternoon. I have witnessed the resort on many occasions tell people to take it to their room, especially on the clothing optional (prude) side.

The people having sex in public are usually polite about it and focused on their own agenda. Enjoy the view, look away or get some jerk chicken and a change of scenery.

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