Hedo Reunion – Sandy Hook, NJ

Even though our next confirmed trip home to Hedonism II is hundreds of days away, we can still meet up with Hedo friends old and new without having to dig up our passports. We will post more about that Spring 2016 trip soon. In the meantime, we are headed to the 18th annual Hedonism reunion party. This is our first time attending the reunion party at Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook, NJ. Gunnison is clothing optional beach and we are excited to finally get a chance to check it out. There is a room block at a nearby hotel and a meet and greet in the evening on Saturday. Come check it out. Ain’t no party like a Hedo party cause a Hedo party don’t stop!




  1. Jim Mau

    Enjoyed hedo reunion last year, any news on the 2016 hedo reunion? Host hotels etc. thanks Jimbo

    1. Shameless Bitch

      Hi Jimbo. We plan to discuss this event on our next episode. We went last year and plan to be back. Drop us an email and we can get you the hotel info. info@shamelessadventures.com

  2. Line1_n_Line2

    Heard you discuss this on the podcast. We’re totally game not to mention we want to hang with you guys naked. Is there a website with more info? If not who can we reach out to in order to get added to the Facebook group?

  3. Betsy & John

    Would love info on the SandyHook reunion Party… We are local NJ HEDOITES… AWOL group.. The last,week of July … 2017 is our tenth AWOL group anniversary … Love Winston, Dion … Stephanie and the rest of the entertainment staff….


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