Episode 23 – ButtSex Burlesque

Michele and Chris are back for episode 23 because they are many things, but quitters aren’t one of them.
This week (or month, however you want to look at it) they discuss everything from their upcoming trip to Hedonism II in October with WildWomenVacations and SouthernVibrations and how even though they’re locked into this whole lifetime commitment called parenthood, they’re still trying to make fun shit happen during the summer. And even though they suck, and will probably be home for the entire season, they talk about some awesome shit other people can get to do while they stay home and hate everything.
Chris asks Michele about how she likes her porn and in usual Shameless fashion it turns into a conversation about something completely different. And for the next 49 minutes it’s essentially a hot mess of creepy 80’s adult movies and how Chris sometimes falls and goes BOOM when he go to Jamaica. The word of the week is DP for double penetration and Michele discusses how NINA HARTLEY saved her vagina from a metric fuckton of UTI’s when she recommended using latex gloves for butt play leaving clean vagina fingers for all pussy play after said glove gets removed. GAME CHANGER, PEOPLE. Game Changer.
And before they wrap up they turn to you, their diligent 7 listeners, and ask for feedback, ratings and reviews because without you guys they are just two people in their bedroom arguing wearing headsets.


  1. Kipple

    Hey Chris, I wear a sarong, you will see it at Hedo. It has a Corona beer pattern and no one has called me less than manly for wearing it!

  2. J'adore

    Patiently waiting for a new episode. haha


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