Episode 18: Coconut Oil Fuck Machine

coconut oil fuck machine sex machine

Episode 18 is an intervention for  Chris’ problem with alcohol, apparently. He has agreed that immediately after the podcast ends, he will willingly fly off to a treatment facility in Dallas. Before that we  discuss some great listener stories and feedback we received about the previous podcast episode topics of bush and separate room play. We answer another listener’s question when we discuss how to tell a couple you’re not interested. We also talk about dealing with both giving and getting rejection in the lifestyle. Rejection sucks but we carry on and get into our word of the week, Parallel Play as well our personal affinity for listening to and watching people have sex. We’re total voyeur sluts. We get teary eyed and take a moment to thank you for the awesome iTunes reviews.  Later we will beg for more of them but first we have lots more to talk about. We name drop our sexy friend’s at http://www.gogoloco.com  and remind you of your civic duty to keep your junk fresh and tasty. Just say no to dance floor pussy.  We love both Canadians and sex. When you mix those two things together you get www.Sexapalooza.ca. This sexpo is on our short list of Adventures. We can’t wait to check it out. Later we clue you lucky mother fuckers into the magic of coconut oil and the story of how we first were introduced to coconut oil as a lube. We give a quick shout out to Michael & Holli at @swingtime69 and the www.theplayfulpussycats.com before we wrap up this episode and get Chris on his flight to rehab. Until next time, keep your communication honest and your junk extra fresh.



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  1. Monogamish Marriage

    Hey guys! Another great ‘cast 🙂

    We weren’t even aware of Sexapalooza, and we’re in Toronto, so thanks for the tip! We’ll definitely check it out and write an article about it. Stay tuned for our report. But if you want to make a trip of it, come stay at our place!! We could even try to put together a house party in your honour, well-stocked with coconut oil, of course.

    xx D & D


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