Episode 17 – Nice Dick Sweater, Bro

Michele and Chris are back with more lifestyle knowledge and dysfunctional  sexual antics. In episode 17 of the Shameless Adventures podcast, we discuss our thoughts on the possible come back of the bush.  Are you growing it out too? We answer a listener question about how often we think about swinging and share what we have learned in the last six months doing this crazy podcast. We explain the concept, full swap in separate rooms and consider if that could work for us as a couple. Our social site of the week, www.hedonish.com will help you find a sex toy that actually gets you off. Somehow the topic of masturbation comes up. We gossip about recent changes at Hedonism and even more things to come. Shout out to our friends at The Playful Pussycats taking a fun and sexy group back to Hedonism April 23-30th. Check them out at www.theplayfulpussycats.com . Listen to us every other week on SLS radio, Fridays at 4pm. Thanks for listening to our crazy bullshit and let us know what you think about our podcast.



Babeland new arrivals


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  1. Stephanie

    Full Swap Separate Rooms – We have done it on occasion and it depends on the couple. Usually when we do the separate room, we always end up in the same room eventually. Sometimes we start in same room, move due to space or position and eventually return. It depends on the couple, what is going on and where the action is going. I am like you, I love watching the hubby fuck another girl and he likes watching me with another guy, but we have on occasion broken up in separate rooms during the session. We have never just split up for the whole sha-bang.

  2. Rob

    The discussion about the return of the bush was hysterical!! Couldn’t stop laughing. Keep up the good work bitches, love hearing the stories.


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