Episode 15: Banana Juice All Over Her Yapper

Shameless Adventures EP 15

In this episode we run down our Best and Worst of 2015 and then we get into our New Year’s Resolutions for 2016. We went to an Intimate Parties Group Hotel takeover for New Year’s Eve. We talk about getting complacent in the lifestyle, changing things up, being awkward, drunk sex and plenty of other crazy bullshit. You better just start listening. French fuck is our phrase of the week and we drop some knowledge about the importance of being educated and open minded swingers. Our slutty site of the week is SexisBack.com which is a sex-positive storytelling campaign. Check it out.

Get out there and be slutty and send us some god damn pictures.

Links we discuss in this episode.

Intimate Parties Group – intimatepartiesgroup.com/
VeeJay’s Hot Spot – facebook.com/veejayshotspot
Sex is Back – www.sexisback.com




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