Episode 12: Put Your Whole Fist In!

Shameless Adventures

In this episode we talk about things we’re grateful for including having sex with other people and being secure with ourselves. We touch on body issues, self pleasure, dick security, threesomes, and writhing, squirting, grinding fun. Michele pretends she likes Chris and teases him with the idea of getting him a redhead for his upcoming birthday. We share an item from our holiday wish lists and shamelessly beg for help finding unicorns. We also discuss next year’s group trip to the Caribbean in October. As always, shameless sex positive fun and absolutely no filter. Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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  1. Bill

    We are not swingers, but we love going to Hedo.
    I love your podcast

    1. Rough Diction (Post author)

      We love Hedo too! It is a wonderful and magic place for everyone regardless of their personal choices and preferences. Thank you for listening!


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