Why I Enjoy the Lifestyle

  1. I like being honest. The lifestyle requires communication and its just easiest when you are honest and open. I’ve spent too many years in past relationships not being 100% open, honest or happy. Not everyone was into the things that turned me on and past relationships required withholding some truths about my thoughts and desires. Lies became part of me. Even just simple things like ogling the body of another women and certainly more unorthodox notions like my interest in group sex required me to be dishonest. I like being open with myself. I’m a complete pervert and I undressing soccer moms with my eyes at the mall. Luckily for me, my wife likes eye-fucking soccer moms too. In my current relationship we share our dirty thoughts and it feels good to be honest and have someone support and encourage our fantasies. She supports my desire to dominate a suburban soccer mom and I support her fantasies involving a home invasion gone right with a Puerto Rican accent. Fantasizing is healthy and so is honesty.
  2. I’m down with O.P.P. The lifestyle and swinging has legitimized my desire to have sex with other people’s wives. Sounds pretty damn heavenly. The truth is for both of us, monogamy isn’t what makes us happy. We both enjoy the concept of variety while maintaining a committed relationship. We explore these adventures together. Knowing together we can amazing sexual adventures if we so choose is the absolute jackpot. Monogamy just isn’t for us. Non-monogamy may sound easy but it can be a lot of work. Bringing other people safely into your relationship and your bedroom is never easy and can cause plenty of problems in absence of great communication. Open relationships are definitely not the easy way out. It’s not a better kind of relationship, its just what makes sense for us.
  3. We love foreplay. We also enjoy group sex. We sound fun right? If done correctly, there’s plenty of foreplay and, of course, sex in the lifestyle. Even if you are terrible swingers like us, you still get lot of foreplay and sex. My wife and I have both always enjoyed foreplay and intimacy even before we were lucky enough to met each other and before we were lucky to discover the lifestyle. If not for the lifestyle, we probably wouldn’t find the level of stimulation we have currently. Kissing, touching, more kissing and touching. What’s not to like? We do have a rule about kissing other people. The rule is, You better fucking kiss us. We like to kiss. That’s just how we swing.
  4. We like group sex. Yes, it’s true, my life is pretty awesome. Group play can be an intense sexual experience in the right atmosphere with the right people. Over the years, some of our best group sexual experiences have occurred either at an on premise swing club or even in new after hours playroom at Hedonism II. Like any connection, its a matter of chemistry and the right timing. Sometimes its easier to be comfortable with a group of people rather than simply trying to connect with one specific couple. Bringing multiple imaginations, hands, mouths, and body parts together is the recipe for sticky sex cake. A comfortable group play situation isn’t something we find very frequently buts its made for some of our best memories and we are always on the look out for more.
  5. We meet amazing people in the lifestyle everywhere we go. We frequently travel an hour or more just to experience different parties and meet different people. Swingers tend to be open and honest. Even when you’re not trying to have sex with them, swingers are fun people to party with. Some of our closest friends were made in the lifestyle. For us, swinging is about meeting really great people and fucking some of them.

Be Shameless.

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