Episode 14: Nice to Meet You. Let’s Fuck.

In this episode of Shameless Adventures we talk about being sluts and the importance of getting tested for STDs and having safe sex. With great power comes great responsibility. For us, no sex is worth the risk or long term repercussions. We comment on some listener messages and feedback and Hedonism comes up as usual. We talk about International listeners and question whether anyone actually listens to the whole podcast. We wrap up part two of our holiday wish list, talk about the holidays, New Year’s Eve and discuss marriage a trois AKA a polyamory triad. You don’t really exist so don’t check out shamelessadventures.com.

Social Account of the Week:

Holiday Wish List Items mentioned:







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  1. Kay

    this was my first time listening to your podcast and its great. ill Def be back.

  2. Kay

    LOL my husband is white Im Jamaican and he agrees that white people are boring. lol!!!!!

  3. Nasty Scotty

    Hey yo, I’m from Ghana, love what you talking about.


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