Debunking Some Myths About Swinging

If you want to know what a swinger looks like, Go to your local Walmart and just look around. I’m willing to bet you will find a couple of people who dabble in the lifestyle there.  And not just there but everywhere. Your accountant could be a swinger. So could your daughter’s 3rd grade teacher. There is no category that one could classify the looks and behaviors of a swinger.  It’s not a shape, size or demographic. We just are. It’s a feeling. Not a personality or a type. And while some people have it, others just don’t.  Some people like missionary sex and some people prefer the lights out. Swinging is just an extension of those things. It’s doing what you like, with someone you love. Even if the  person you’re in love with is just yourself.  That’s it. That’s all.

Stop calling it cheating. If everyone involved is on board and knows the deal and participates and keeps it 100% all the time, there is nothing deceitful about the lifestyle. Lots of couples swing. Long time couples who aren’t legally married, long distance couples who live in different states, single men and women not interested in being tied down to one person and YES, even happily married couples with a bunch of kids (and in some cases, grandkids) get it on with other people. And like it. If both parties are okay with swapping and being with other people, it no longer becomes about cheating but about having a good time.

Not every swinger has a bunch of STD’s or STI’s.  Sure, health issues WILL arise if you don’t play safe and get tested and visit with your regular doctor at least once a year.  However, the same can be said for anyone having sex on a regular basis. And sadly, even married couples stand a chance of getting infected because infidelity happens and there are sometimes no warning signs until you are already at risk.   Safe sex is the best sex and yes…swingers are fans of this. And you would be hard pressed to find a couple or participant who doesn’t feel this way.

Swinging isn’t about being grossed out by your partner and wanting to have sex with someone who is hotter.  As a matter of a fact, I have seen drop dead sexy people swapping partners with couples who look like  they could be their grandparents. For most, it’s not about what the other person looks like, but  more the way they make them feel.  And being a swinger doesn’t mean you’re bored with your spouse and want something your partner can’t or won’t provide. It’s mutual decision made by both parties.  And true swingers in true open relationships, (where they actually talk to their partner and communicate to them what they want and need,) don’t do it for any other reason other THAN it feels good. . And in the end, isn’t that why we do ANYTHING in life?

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