Episode 20 – I Fucking Hate You

We start the episode apologizing for being gone for so long because Chris was the ebola monkey and got us all sick, so we just needed to take some time and mend up and VOILA we’re back and feeling much more like ourselves.

This week we talk about listener feedback and how essentially we need to man up and quit our bitching about finding a sitter because if you guys can do it, we can too. We also talk about  dick size in the lifestyle and if there is such a thing as TOO much dick when it comes to swapping partners. Our site of the week is AdultTravelForum.com and how it’s an old school, no nonsense place to get adult travel info. Our word of the week is pillow princess and we come to the conclusion that Michele is totally  wearing the tiara when it comes to giving as well as receiving and how some women like to have their pussies eaten but aren’t really interested in returning the favor.  We also discuss how Chris shouldn’t really complain about what Michele lacks because there’s no shortage of women offering to suck his dick. Even if it does take 72 hours to seal the deal. We close the episode asking for your listener feedback on how we can make the podcast suck just a little bit less every week because as much fun as we have talking to each other in our bedroom, we are nothing without you guys and your input.


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