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If I told you guys once, I’ll probably tell you a million more times…I FREAKIN’ LOVE ME SOME SEX TOYS. And the next little battery operated piece of magic I am about to review isn’t just pretty to look at, but is the Maserati of vibrators. About 7 years ago (YES, I said YEARS) Chris bought me a gift for Valentine’s Day that has continued to blow my mind every single time I use it. So much so, that after a long getaway weekend where we accidentally left it behind in the hotel, I immediately reordered myself another one because even though I may not use it every day (who am I kidding…Of course I DO!!) I just needed to have it in my possession to have everything be alright in my world. That’s how much this toy means to me.
I know I have already said this a few times, but perhaps it bears repeating yet again. My clit is weird. Not bad weird, just super strong and finicky weird. As excitable as I like to consider myself to be, I also have a hard time cumming from just any device pressed against my skin. Maybe I’m a little spoiled, or maybe my body requires much more vibration than the average girl. Who knows? However, What I do know is that even though I love to diddle myself, not every diddle device is good for me.


So, back to the Layaspot. Here are the stats:
1) The Layaspot is a German made 4 inch by 1.6 inch body safe silicone toy with 3 vibration programs and 8 vibration levels.
2) It’s a lay on toy. Which means that you can just place it atop your clit and with easy, perfectly placed plus and minus buttons, you’re only the gentle press of a finger away from ecstasy.
3) It’s battery operated and requires 2 AAA batteries that seem to last a really long time. Trust me, I USE this bad boy and even with all the mileage I put on it, I only have to replace the batteries every week or two.
4) The compact and easy to hold design allows it to be used and manipulated in such a way that you can use it for external clit stimulation, nipple play and even if you have aches, pains and spasms in any Non-sexual part of your body. (although, who are we kidding? Once you feel this bitch vibrate in your palm, you’re going to want to lock the bedroom door and introduce it to your pussy.)
5) The LAYASPOT comes in a variety of cute colors that include black and silver, pink and cream (this is the one that I have), pink and red and red and silver.

The toy is miniature magic. ‘Nuff said. Even though it’s tiny in stature, it’s got so much power behind it, that when applied properly, it doesn’t require much concentration and effort at all. When you’re a busy lady on the go with people to see and places to be, the more succinct and to the point things are..the better. It’s a no fuss, no frills kind of get ‘er done kind of toy. Us ladies have enough on our plates on any given day. Rubbing one out shouldn’t be complicated and thankfully this toy makes it that much easier. The whisper quiet speeds and variations range from HEY GIRL HEY to OHMYGODTHATFEELSGOOD. And you can switch effortlessly between each with just the feather touch of a fingertip. Even though it requires two AAA batteries , it still generates quiet a punch. And while nothing sucks more than having to steal the batteries from your wireless mouse or remote control when you want to get yourself off, the whole battery thing isn’t a major hindrance just as long as you always remember to keep a bunch in the nightstand.

With every positive, there has to be some negatives that bear some mentioning. And for me, the one main down side to it is that I wish it was waterproof. Since I do some of my best “thinking” in the shower, The only thing about this toy that would make me fall in love with it even more than I already do is if I could take this with me during a nice long hot bath or better yet…in the hot tub at Hedo. (wink wink) The second issue I have with it is I wish it was made of something softer than the material of which it’s constructed. I don’t always like rubbery toys,but when I am pressing something up against my sensitive lady nubs, softer is always better. And, lastly, the whole battery thing. Looking for a power source at 3 am when you’re tipsy and horny and your toy is dead, isn’t always an ideal situation. So, if this toy was rechargeable, it would be pure nirvana. NIRVANA, I SAID.

In closing, even with some of the negatives I listed, this toy is right up there with one of my favorite I have ever used. It is affordable, at just under $50.00 online at and is super durable and long lasting. I have had my most recent one for over 2 years and do not foresee anything happening to mine to render it unusable any time soon. It is definitely worth the investment and I hope to be laying myself with my LAYASPOT for a long time to come.

I give the LAYASPOT by FUNFACTORY 4.5 out of 5 OH FACES.


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