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When it comes to sexy toys, I believe few people get more excited than this bitch right here. Maybe it’s because until my second marriage, my experience with toys was very limited. I was in a relationship with someone who thought that dildos or vibrators were inappropriate and had no place in our bedroom. Which was ironic because oral sex and orgasms of any kind for me must have also been on this list as well. So, with that in mind, I started small when I first had the freedom to experiment. I wasn’t looking for anything monstrous or round like a coke can that needed half a tube of lube to insert. I wanted something to hum on my clit until I could release the pent up animosity and dissatisfaction that was created from being in an unhappy marriage. And, because of that, I sort of grew attached to clit stims. Which this toy most definitely is. As a parent, I require my sex toys to be quiet, so that mommy can have alone time without raising red flags. And as woman with shit to do, I need them strong and solid and to the mother fucking point. When this little gem came in the mail I was hopeful. It was not only little, but it was pretty too. It came in a cute little box and everything about it’s sleek design screamed PLAY WITH ME! It, like most of the OVO collection, is USB rechargeable and comes with it’s own power cord. It was charged upon arrival and I swear when I opened it, the thing winked at me, so I was more than ready to take this little baby for a spin. Upon pressing the main button down for three seconds, the kitten started to purr. I have to admit, nothing about it coming to life in my hand felt mild. So, with that said, Here’s a break down on the modes of the Ovo S1.

Ovo Toys S1
It’s first mode was a nice little hum that tickled my palm and got me anxious to see what else it could do. Second mode was slightly harder and faster than the third (eyebrow waggle). The third mode was little waves or tremors that went from strong to light to strong again. The fourth mode was pulses that felt consistent and even. Number five was the same as four but faster and perhaps a little more intense. The six mode was two short throbs and then a deep buzz. And number seven was quick rapid fire pulses followed by a long steady buzz. In my hand, they all felt like they had immense potential. And I was excited to turn the lights out and play with this bitch. However, when I got right down to it, no matter how I swung my legs or bent my wrist, I couldn’t quite find my happy place. Yes, the toy is pretty and small and sexy looking. And yes, when I rubbed it across the skin on my arms, thighs and breasts (and even the naughty bits of my husband) the air felt wrought with sexual potential. Except, it never really manifested. I tried, trust me. I really did. I just couldn’t get ALL the way there. The waterproof toy is about 4 inches long and designed in such a way that the base is a gold oval egg and the tip is a rubber flexible point that acts as a feather light vibration extender. And maybe if that tip was a little more sturdy or made of another material entirely I could have gone over the edge into O TOWN, but that oddly shaped end piece kept going from OH MY GOD to WHAT THE FUCK because it’s mobility prevented it from staying consistent. No matter what function I chose (even at the highest and most intense) the end result was just not enough to finish the job. The toy is sexy as fuck to look at and perfectly sized for solo play without messing with your carpal tunnel.

Although, when push came to shove, there was no quivering lady bits or sleeping in the wet spot when the lights started to flash and the bartender said LAST CALL. My opinion is that this toy would be perfect for beginners. If you’ve never held a battery operated toy to your lady bits in search of the great cervical clench, or perhaps you just have the worlds most ticklish clit…then this is toy for you. This sexy little bug has some serious potential if what you are looking for is fun buzzing bits or possibly a device small enough to wear discreetly in your panties to prime the well while having dinner with your date before you both decide to order “dessert”. If you’re looking for soul shattering orgasms and your clit is half as picky as mine, the S1, although worth a try, might not be the one for you.

Maybe I should have tried a little harder, or maybe it’s because my clit has a TAKE NO PRISONERS approach. Either way, I give the S1 by OVO a 3 out of 5 Oh faces.



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