Shut Up And Talk To Me

If your spouse tells you that they need more intimacy, that means less fucking and more touching for NO reason. Less groping and more kisses behind the ear. Less asking for oral and more telling them that they look good today.

If your spouse tells you that they need more alone time, that means less you ignoring them and more you arranging an entire day just for them. Less you watching TV and more you taking the kids out for the day. Less sulking over being omitted and more you understanding they need time to do things just for them. Less “When do I get alone time?” and more just making shit happen.

If your spouse tells you they don’t feel like you are communicating enough, that means less debating on the topic and more listening to their needs. Less feeling threatened and attacked and more having an open mind. Less being childish and dismissing their claims and more working on making time to let each other know how you feel.

Listen to your partner. Make time for your partner. Open communication shouldn’t be frowned upon or used as a tool to punish the other, because the day your significant other DOESN’T open up about issues that they may be having,  is just one day closer to you finding yourself all alone.


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