The Voodoo That Hedo Do

Every time I see pictures posted from back home, I get this sudden sense of warmth wash right over me. Maybe it can be construed as jealousy or the notorious DIF everyone speaks so much about. However, in my case I think it’s much deeper than that. You see, The minute I see a post containing that ever familiar sunset or random lounge chair positioned strategically under one of those magnificent trees along the shore line, I feel this pull. It’s like an internal tug that lifts up the edges of my heart into a smile that starts within. I’ve said it before, and will probably say it a million times after this…Hedo is magical. How else can you explain the way it makes each and every one us feel? I can’t really begin to put into words to ever really do it justice mostly because everything I say just falls short of encompassing the bliss and contentment Hedonism manages to manifest inside each one of us. I often feel the best way for me to illustrate this is to take a page out of Hollywood and relate it with all the smoke and explosions of a summer blockbuster. It’s like stepping into a vortex. Through the wardrobe, if you will. One minute you’re in your home town, scrambling to get to the airport and the next you’re pulling onto the property, absorbing the nothingness that only this particular resort can bring, and you just sigh.

There are 365 days in a year and for 7 of them, we get to completely let go of everything we have been taught to believe and instead, do the exact opposite with no ramifications. You are welcomed home and HOME you are. And even though you are only here for a short time, you can easily call it it that without second guessing yourself. There is a saying that a house is just four walls and a place to lay your head but that your home is where your heart is. And as you step foot on the property it is then that you can genuinely feel how truthful that sentiment really is. Once you walk through those doors, You inhale deeply and exhale with the force of a hurricane. Sufficiently letting go of all the stress you’ve been holding on to so you can to make room inside your lungs for all the happy. And after you breathe in the pure, that’s when you feel it. You feel it right in your core.

It’s That tug. It’s That pull. The same gravitational force you encounter when you see a picture of the resort or hear someone recounting an experience they had when they were there. And where some can label that feeling as homesickness or DIF you know it’s deeper than that. YOU JUST KNOW. It’s the magic. It’s the mojo. Its the voodoo that Hedo do. And enchantment so forceful, that Nothing else matters. Nothing before the moment of arrival is as important as the first few seconds your body takes to absorb the spectacular. It’s simple, For some paradise is the stretches of white beach in Hawaii. For other’s its felt ears and a mouse named Mickey.

But for me..FOR ME, it’s This magical resort under the Jamaican stars that truly madly and deeply can be called my happy place.
It’s not just a resort, this place is home. It’s not just a stamp in my passport, This place makes me whole. It’s not just a destination, This place fills me up and brings me back to life. This place, this glorious place, is the only spot on the planet that you can feel like yourself and yet be someone else entirely. You not only to get experience the resort as you, but you get to feel it and live it and breathe it as the person you were always meant to be. A stronger you. A braver you. A better you. So those moments when we ache, those moments when our breath momentarily feels stolen from our chest, know that it is not sickness. That’s wellness. That’s the 7 fighting hard to remind the 358 that it misses you and is in there patiently waiting for you to find it’s way back where you belong.

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  1. Stephanie

    Truer words have not been spoken. Thanks. <3


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